About Brooke

Brooke is a new artist in every sense of the word. Redefining what a tattoo artist might look like, and I write that to say that there is no such thing as a “tattoo artist look” – we’re all unique and proudly carry our own style and character, still, Brooke redefines many things.

Our 20 year old apprentice got involved in art at a mature age of 3 when she started doodling. This may be like many of us, what separates Brooke is taking that doodling to the next level where she started working part time at a tattoo parlor at 16 in order to study from other artists when she wasn’t focused on reception.

She was trained at doing piercings by the age of 18, and after realizing her true passion was in drawing and expressing herself via permanent art, changed path to becoming a tattoo artist. That brings us to present time – she has been under our wing for just over a year and we’re proud to see her grow into a very capable tattoo artist.

Brooke can be unassuming. The 5”1 quiet, attractive and very focused artist often agonizes over producing the most amazing work, a trait that is often attached to perfectionists, which Brooke is when it comes to tattooing. With over 20 tattoos under her belt and extensive training on safety and cleanliness handling, it’s very easy to forget that Brooke is still an apprentice. That label will soon be removed however, as Brooke looks to move away from the simpler script and lettering tattoos to inventing her own tattoo style.

Neo Traditional Tattoos

Brooke is most interested in pursuing neo-traditional tattoos. Dictionary would define it as “A readoption or revival of traditional styles, values, practices, etc.”, we see it as taking the traditional old-style tattoo art that have been around for over a hundred years (think American and sailors) and fusing it with new concepts hence new-traditional (neo means new in Latin).

New Traditional tattoos are still traditional, what separated them however is not being scared to ditch thick, broad lines and go more into realism. Additionally, they may take the traditional subject of a skull head for example, draw it in a similar traditional style, and then add flowers, colors and smoother lines which would make the tattoo, if we have to label it, neo traditional as it blends multiple styles together.

It’s no surprised that Brooke is most drawn to this tattoo style, she embodies new tradition – we couldn’t be more excited to see her grow further in her artists journey. Check out some of her flash below and stop by our tattoo parlor and art gallery to meet her, we proudly feature some of her work on our tattoo shop walls.

For tips on how to maintain your neo-traditional or any other tattoos, check out our healing instructions page here

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