Hand Poke Tattoos

What is a Hand Poke Tattoo

A Hand Poke tattoo – otherwise called as stick and poke tattoo or stick ‘n poke tattoo – is basically what it seems like it would be: tattoos that are created by poking your skin with a needle that is attached to a stick instead of a tattoo gun.

As popular as stick ‘n poke tattoos are getting, this style of tattooing was where it all originated from. There were no guns in ancient civilization as hand poke tattoos date all the way back to ancient history before the times of Julius Caesar. The art of Hand Poke tattoos gained less recognition as the advent of the electric tattoo machine came about in the 1890’s. Since then, most tattoo artists and tattoo shops have been using an electric tattoo gun to draw tattoos.

A renewed interest in this ancient art of tattooing saw a huge increase and upwards trend starting early 2013 and continues to grow higher as more people are becoming aware of this almost-lost art and it’s beauty.

Hand Poke tattoos generally tend to consist of simpler designs, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve beautiful and intricate designs with a stick ‘n poke style of tattooing. Most people like the simplicity as they note it to have a level of intimacy during the application of the Hand Poked tattoo.

Aside from the look of these tattoos, stick ‘n poke tattoos have a completely different sensation than the electric machine gun tattoos. Most people agree that Hand Poke tattoos are generally less painful to get and feel more like how it would feel when your hair is getting plucked.

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