Tattoo Gift Certificates are, like, Totally Available!

Ever wonder what a perfect Christmas, or Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or any other holiday or birthday gift is. We wonder too. Until world peace happens (which possibly never might but we can all hope), why not buy some Painted People Tattoos’ totally custom, 5 min made piece of paper which is worth a lifetime, gift certificates.

Giving a great piece of wearable art, something custom that only one person on the planet has, that they can show off to everyone (some parents included) or proudly wear hidden for themselves is a totally kick-ass gift your friend, spouse, lover, neighbor or random stranger would totally appreciate.

My wife is an incredible artist, I’ve been a fan of her work for a number of years, and she loves making people happy. So, make someone in your life happy with a totally nice piece of paper that lasts for a lifetime; I write that as we know you’ll love our tattoos, so things like tattoo laser removal won’t happen on ours, speaking of which, we specialize in cover-ups so you could give it to someone wanting to freshen-up their existing art.

To order, use our Contact Us form (submit the form or you can call, mail or smoke signal us) and we’ll either deliver it or you can grab it from our shop anytime.

For inspiration or if you want to dedicate the gift certificate towards particular wearable art, check out these cool designs up for grabs


Nick Bourne
Nick Bourne
it's uuge; and vast; maybe sticky, but mainly, tremendous
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