Toronto Tattoo Artists


Asia is the head tattoo artist and proud co-owner of Painted People Tattoos & Art in Toronto. Having over 30 years of excelling in art (well, since birth), and over 10 years of tattooing experience, Asia lives and breathes art.This Toronto tattoo artist specializes in watercolor tattooing.


Mikhail is an extremely talented tattoo artist in Toronto who is originally from Russia. He has been tattooing in Canada for over 2 years now and specializes in dot work and geometric design tattoos, but is quickly mastering all styles. Let this unique Toronto tattoo artist give you tattoo that you’re looking for!


Kristina, our newest tattoo artist with 3+ years tattoo experience, is a Manila-born, Toronto-based, Filipino-Canadian artist. She specializes in hand poked tattoos and amazing art installations. Training under masters, this Toronto tattoo artist will give you that one-of-a-kinda tattoo design that you won’t find anywhere else.


Brooke, our resident tattoo apprentice, soon to be a full tattoo artist, is quickly expanding her portfolio of great work by developing her own neo-traditional tattoo style. Having tattooed as an apprentice for over a year now, we’re proud to see her grow into a more than capable tattoo artist.
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