Watercolour Tattoo

Watercolour Tattoo

Watercolour tattoos have become one of the most popular forms of tattoo styles in recent years. As it’s name indicates, the watercolour tattoo style minimizes the use of outlines, and instead uses a fluid and organic method to tattooing. Watercolour tattoo art isn’t as easy as it sounds. Tattooing on a human canvas instead of a traditional canvas is much more different, and difficult!

Don’t Watercolour Tattoos Age?

A lot of people, including tattoo artists, say that a watercolour tattoo is not worth getting. We say that is only because they are probably not doing it right. Compared to traditional tattoo styles, or black tattoos, watercolour tattoos can fade much quicker. However, according to this awesome article that we found, you can use simple tricks and tips to emphasize the design and create a higher contrast using some black ink. Along with those tips, your watercolour tattoo can still last a long time with proper tattoo aftercare.

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watercolour tattoo
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